Sneakers (1992)

Book Origins

Sneakers has always been a favorite film of mine. The movie is great, the cast is great, and the score is one of Horner’s most original. It’s just all-around fun. Even though the film was temped with minimalist music, Horner was basically given “carte blanche” to create the score.

When I was invited to talk at ASMAC’s Horner tribute in September of 2020, Dan Redfeld and I talked a lot about what we wanted to say concerning Horner’s musical style. One film that kept coming up was Sneakers. I applied for the rights in February of 2021 and obtained the license very shortly thereafter. The print rights were just for the film score, but I also wanted to include the logo music Horner wrote for Universal’s 75th anniversary. Universal gave the approval and now musicians can watch the film all the way through and follow along with the complete underscore.