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Sneakers & Star Trek: The Motion Picture

Part minimalism, part World-music (Enya), part pop, part jazz, but totally James Horner. Sneakers marked a breakthrough in the composer’s career. There was nothing else like it before, but it would become a constant inspiration for other scores after it. For over a decade, Horner’s scores were associated with large, bombastic orchestration: Willow, Star Trek II & III, Land Before Time, and Krull. The music in Sneakers may not be iconic, but it is highly original.

257 pages. 9×12 inches. Paperbound, printed in U.S.A.

Available worldwide.

Available only at omnimusicpublishing.com for $85

Jerry Goldsmith "Star Trek: The Motion Picture" Full Orchestral Score

Star Trek is one of Goldsmith’s most stunning, most awe-inspiring, and thematically rich scores. Every one of the 473 pages of orchestration reveal a mind that was able to create engaging music that perfectly suits the film.

473 pages. 9×12 inches. Paperbound, Printed in U.S.A.

Available worldwide only at omnimusicpublishing.com for $85

John Powell’s "How To Train Your Dragon" Full Orchestral ScoreJohn Powell’s "How To Train Your Dragon" Full Orchestral Score

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