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James Horner “Sneakers” Full Orchestral Score

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257 pages, 9X12 inches. Paperbound, printed in U.S.A

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Part minimalism, part World-music (Enya), part pop, part jazz, but totally James Horner. Sneakers marked a breakthrough in the composer’s career. There was nothing else like it before, but it would become a constant inspiration for other scores after it. For over a decade, Horner’s scores were associated with large, bombastic orchestration: Willow, Star Trek II & III, Land Before Time, and Krull. The music in Sneakers may not be iconic, but it is highly original.

257 pages. 9×12 inches. Paperbound, printed in U.S.A.

Available worldwide.

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1. Universal 75th Logo Version 1
2. Opening Anagrams
3. December 1969
4. Bank Break-in
5. A Living
6. Bishop Goes To NSA
7. Janek Surveillance
8. There’s The Black Box
9. Martin Gets In Janek’s Office
10. Scrabble & Black Box Secrets
11. The Handoff & Demolished NSA
12. Cosmo’s Office
13. Tracing The Call
14. Following The Trail
15. Watching Werner Brandes
16. Operation Against The Fortress Begins
17. Martin Breaks Into Playtronics
18. Cosmo Sounds The Alarm
19. Give Me The Box
20 Run To Room / Van Is Captured
21. Whistler Behind The Wheel
22. Cosmo On Roof / Goodbye (Film Version)
23. Cosmo On Roof / Goodby (Album Version)
24. Cashing In On Bernard Abbott
25. “…And The Blind Shall See”

1 review for James Horner “Sneakers” Full Orchestral Score

  1. Amélie Koran (verified owner)

    Being lucky enough to have the full recording of the score – it’s been a pleasure to read long to the recording, noting the edits/cuts both for the film as well as what was written, tearing apart what Horner had in mind thematically for each character and action motif. This was a major turning point in how he scored films, referencing his early work and moving towards his second period. Even the transcriptions of Marsalis’ work as well were a joy to see.

    Tightly layered orchestration, even if minimal orchestra, really gives you a feel for getitng the best from minimal instrumentation.

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