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Omni Music Publishing is an online music publishing company launched in 2011 by veteran of the film music recording industry, Tim Rodier.

Based out of Los Angeles, the company’s focus is on published musical material not already available to all (Omni is Latin for “All”). Omni Music Publishing, to date, is the only music publishing company devoted to publishing full orchestral scores of modern film music.

The first title made available was the transcribed jazz piano music of Dave McKenna’s album “Christmas Ivory,” renamed “Holiday Piano Spiked With Swing.” Following the moderate success of the first title, it became apparent to Rodier that there was also a need to make film music available to study for the new wave of film composers.

The company’s second release was the full orchestral film score to Edward Scissorhands, music composed by Danny Elfman. Although currently unavailable, it paved the way for other releases like Batman, Back To The Future, and The Matrix, among others.

Although film music is the current focus for this budding company, it is still committed to making various unobtainable music available.

More titles are slated to be released throughout 2019.