1. Add to cart

Select the number of items and click add to cart

2. View Cart

The page will refresh continue to shop and when you are done click “View cart”

2. View Cart

Your cart can always be viewed from the cart icon in the menu

3. Cart Options

In your cart you can apply coupon code, update the # of items (remember to click the update button if you change quantity in cart). After click checkout

4. Checkout

Shipping Address

Please fill in your shipping address. Make sure all fields are complete.

Choose Your Shipping option

Choose your shipping option…Media mail, Priority Mail, Priority International Express or DHL (for international customers)

Accept Terms

Please click checkbox to accept terms and conditions



If you have a Paypal account click the golden Paypal button

Credit Card

If you do not have a Paypal account please click the black Credit or Debit card button

Troubleshooting Payment Options


If you have a Paypal account click the Paypal radio button. You should get a pop-up from Paypal to log into your account. Note: Do not enter a credit card here.

Troubleshooting Payment Options

Credit Card

Click the Credit Cards radio button you just add a credit card. You should see this. Enter your credit card information.