The Mask of Zorro (1998)

Book Origins

Being a lifelong fan of James Horner, the Mask of Zorro was always on my radar. I saw the film in theaters and was bowled over by the bravado, the romance, and the action. It was just a matter of time before Omni released this score, and once the requests numbered too many to ignore, I knew it was time. After obtaining a license, I hired several engravers to help with the monumental task of inputting all of the notes. Work began as early as June 2022 and didn’t end until a year later as I juggled several projects simultaneously. My admiration for his composing skills increased tenfold with every cue I worked on. James would be proud of the results because this was undoubtedly a standout project in a career filled with many highlights.

About The Mask of Zorro

In the wake of Titanic, Horner delivered one of the flashiest scores of his career. The unique combination of flamenco guitars with swashbuckling brass echoes the works of Korngold, Steiner, and Rosza. Horner leaves no stone unturned by incorporating all of his orchestral flair with the music of the Iberian peninsula. The themes, orchestration, and rhythmic intensity all create a score full of elegant style and intelligence. This is a must-have for every serious student of the medium, as the film worked to every strength Horner had as a composer, and his talents are on full display in this often over-looked masterpiece. 

319 pages, 9X12 inches. Paperbound, printed in U.S.A

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