Tangled (2010)

Book Origins

After a chance meeting in 2019 with orchestrator Kevin Kliesch, the idea to publish Tangled was born. A friend recommended I speak with someone at Disney. After meeting with execs, the wheels were put in motion to publish this magnificent score. The request passed through numerous hands at the studio for approval. The pandemic delayed this process. The most crucial support came from Alan Menken, who was thrilled with the idea of publishing one of his scores. I’m told he had tried unsuccessfully in the past to convince the studios to print his music. Hopefully, with the release of Tangled, there will be opportunities to present the composer’s other classic scores.

About Tangled

With five songs and an orchestra bolstered with a heavy dose of choir, Alan Menken musically narrates the fable of Rapunzel. The results are a classic score that stands on equal ground with the best of his 90s output for Disney. Find out how Menken captured that magic by purchasing Tangled today

378 pages. 9×12 inches. Paperbound, printed in U.S.A.