Star Trek II (1982)

Book Origins

I have always admired the score to Star Trek II. After Omni released Goldsmith’s score for “The Motion Picture” in early 2021, it was inevitable that Horner’s entry into the franchise would not be far behind. I tell people that early Horner can be “busy.” There are a lot of notes to enter into the computer. Once the initial stage is done, it takes time to format the music properly. I’m grateful to Joel Kremeiyer-Kelly for helping with the note entry so that Omni could release the score on the 40th anniversary of the film’s release.

About Star Trek II

Without using any of Goldsmith’s themes or motives from the first picture, Horner was still able to mimic his style perfectly, while simultaneously preserving his own unique voice as a composer. The results are a powerful statement from a man who was one year away from turning thirty.

259 pages, 9X12 inches. Paperbound, printed in U.S.A

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