Herbert Stothart, Harold Arlen, E.Y. Harburg “The Wizard of Oz” Full Orchestral Score


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From the songs to the arrangements, it’s all in one volume. Harold Arlen & E.Y. Harburg (long-time collaborators in both the Broadway and Hollywood worlds) penned some of the most-beloved and enduring songs ever. Film composer Herbert Stothart was then tasked to take that material and weave the melodies into the musical fabric. No stone was left unturned and every member of the orchestra is given melodies to play, alongside very clever orchestral accompaniment. Included in the score is an analysis of each musical cue preceded by a brief history. As always, scene descriptions run along the top staff to aid in following the score with the film, or just with the soundtrack. Something new included is a piano reference staff underneath the main orchestral layout that composers will find invaluable. Composers will find this distilled information useful for a quick study reference. This way, the harmonies will be easy to understand, while the composer can glance up at the orchestration. Take a peek at some sample pages. Long-time customers will notice a stunning new layout design with less obtrusive time signatures. New look, new fonts, but same quality. 460 pages, 9×12 inches. Paperbound, printed in U.S.A.

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1. Main Title
2. Trouble In School
3. Intro
4. Over The Rainbow
5. Miss Gulch “The Ultimate Witch”
6. Leaving Home
7. Crystal Gazing
8. Cyclone
9. Munchkinland
9b. Glinda Insert
10. I’m Not A Witch
11. Munchkin Musical Sequence
12. Threatening Witch
13. Leaving Munchkinland
14. Yellow Brick Road
15. The Cornfield
16. If I Only Had A Brain
17. We’re Off To See The Wizard
18. The Apple Orchard
19. If I Only Had A Heart
20. Witch On Roof
21. We’re Off To See The Wizard
22. Into The Forest Of Beasts
23. If I Only Had The Nerve
24. We’re Off To See The Wizard
25. Poppies
26. The Spell
27. Optimistic Voices
28. Sign On The Gate
29. The Merry Old Land Of Oz
30. Change Of The Guard
31. If I Were King Of The Forest
32. At The Gates
33. Magic Smoke Chords
34. The Haunted Forest
35. The Jitterbugs Attack
36. The Witch’s Castle
36b Witch’s Castle Insert
37. Over The Rainbow, Reprise
38. March Of The Winkies
39. Dorothy’s Rescue
40. On The Castle Wall
41. Guards’ Reaction
42. The Wizar’s Exposè
43. Emerald City Graduation Exercises
44. Fill In Awards
45. I Was Floating Through Space
46. Balloon Ascension
47. I Hereby Decreee
48. Delirious Escape
49. End Cast


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