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John Powell’s “How To Train Your Dragon 2” Full Orchestral Score

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After the success of How To Train Your Dragon, the filmmakers toiled for four years to ensure that the sequel would live up to expectations set by the first film. John Powell incorporated old themes with new themes in such a way that there is a flawless evolution in the musical landscape.

380 pages, 9X12 inches. Paperbound, printed in U.S.A

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01. Dragon Racing (Alternate Film Version)
02. Dragon Racing (Original Opening Version)
03. Where No One Goes
04. Together, We Map the World
05. Hiccup’s Gonna Be Chief
06. Eret Educates Hiccup
07. Drago’s Coming
08. Eret Has Visitors
09. Me Likey
10. War is What He Wants
11. Hiccup and Toothless Attached
12. Dragon’s Lair
13. Should I Know You?
14. Valka’s Dragon Sanctuary
15. Hiccup & Valka Bond
16. Valka’s Flash – Good Alpha
17. I Grew Facial Hair For You
18. Flying With Mother
19. Can We Start Over?
20. Meet Drago
21. Stoick Finds Beauty
22. Get’ Em You Son of Eret
23. Courting Song
24. Courting Song Instrumental
25. Battle of the Bewilderbeast
26. Hiccup Confronts Drago
27. Stoick Saves Hiccup
28. Off to Valhalla
29. Riding to Drago’s
30. Alpha Comes to Berk
31. Toothless Comes Back
32. Challenging the Alpha
33. The Chief Has Come Home
34. Where No One Goes Reprise

1 review for John Powell’s “How To Train Your Dragon 2” Full Orchestral Score

  1. Cassian

    There’s quite a clear spelling mistake on the first page of the preview we’re shown (trupet). I hope it’s not like this for the rest of the score…

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