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Jerry Goldsmith’s “Basic Instinct” Full Orchestral Score


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Some films exploit sex in mainstream cinema. Among them, only one stands out as superior: Basic Instinct. It caused such a furor when it was released in early 1992 because of the subject matter and gratuitous violence. Other films have dealt with the same subject, but none achieved the perfect marriage of music to visuals that Goldsmith captured.

173 pages, 9×12 inches. Paperbound, printed in U.S.A.

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1. The First Victim
2. Catherine & Roxy
3. Shadows
4. Profile
5. Profile Rev.
6. I Don’t Smoke
7. Crossed Legs
8. Beth and Nick
8. Night Life
9. Home Visit
10. Your Wife Knew
11. What’s Between You?
12. Monster T.V. Source
13. One Shot
14. Kitchen Help
15. Pillow Talk
16. Morning After
17. Roxy Loses
18. Catherine’s Sorrow
19. Wrong Name
20. She’s Really Sick
21. It Won’t Sell
22. The Games Are Over
23. Evidence
24. An Unending Story
25. An Unending Story (alt. end)
26. End Credits Part 1
27. End Credits Part 2


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