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Jerry Goldsmith “Total Recall” Full Orchestral Score

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A classic from film composer Jerry Goldsmith. Total Recall is easily his most beloved scores, full of top-notch, energetic action music. The film’s futuristic setting and ground-breaking visuals are well-suited for Goldsmith’s trademark use of light electronics mixed with raw, orchestral intensity. This is a great addition to any composers’ collection. Featured is an in-depth analysis of the music; also included, along the top staff, are descriptions of dramatic changes in the scenes. 321 pages 9×12 inches. Paperbound, printed in U.S.A.

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1. Main Title (Orig. Ending)
2. Titles – Film Version
3. First Meeting
4. Secret Agent
5. The Implant
6. Where Am I?
7. Aftermath
8. Old Time’s Sake
9. Clever Girl
10. The Johnny Cab
11. Howdy Stranger
12. The Nose Job
13. The Spaceport
14. A New Face
15. The Mountain
16. Identification
17. Lies
18. Where Am I?
19. Swallow It
20. The Big Jump
21. Without Air
22. Remembering
23. The Mutant
24. The Massacre
25. Friends
26. The Treatment
27. The Reactor
28. The Hologram
29. End Of A Dream
30. A New Life
31. End Credits

6 reviews for Jerry Goldsmith “Total Recall” Full Orchestral Score

  1. Krystof Srebrakowski (verified owner)

    I am absolutely thrilled to finally have this magnificent orchestral score in an excellent, accurate and detailed print. By Jerry Goldsmith’s own admission, this is probably his best and most influential action film entry. Complex, challenging, melodically and harmonically ambiguous – it’s a treasure trove for any serious student and even a seasoned composer. Tim Rodier did fantastic work transcribing hand-written original score ! It includes every cue from the film, including the unused (omitted from the film) portion of “End Of A Dream”. Hands down ! It’s simply a must-have !

  2. David Coscina (verified owner)

    The care and detail that went into this release is unprecedented. The book quality is exceptional and the score is handsomely engraved, making it easy to study.

    Any Goldsmith enthusiast who would like insight into the master’s scoring practices and orchestration would do well to pick this up.

  3. Dr. Scott Giles

    This is a beautifully put-together score. Of course the music is excellent! But the score itself is superb. This is no flimsy book…this is a permanent item. The formatting is impressive and I wonder at the care and effort in assembling it.


    One of Goldsmith Finest scores.

    A top Ten.

    By now (1990) he was very comfortable writing for an orchestra playing alongside Electronics. Quite often he would have multiple Keyboard players sit in with the orchestra and track live. This score is full of what Frank Lehman calls “Pantriadic Chromaticism”. Jerry was a master at this and it needs to be seen in All the detail this score offers. To make some of the more egregious movements palatable and smooth sounding Jerry orchestrates very cleanly , constantly raising our expectation of that comes next. Cues Like “The Mutant” and “The Mountain” are full of this chord sliding and warrant careful study. This is a bit of a lost art in Film Scoring at the moment so you should think of this book as a recipe book and use it accordingly.

  5. Jeff Grubbs

    I wish to convey my great thanks and immense gratitude to Omni Music Publishing for this superb full score (2nd) edition of Jerry Goldsmith’s complete music score for 1990’s “Total Recall.” I’ve only waited 32 years to study/own a copy of this complete work in full score and I am honored, privileged and blessed to have realized this long-awaited goal. The “Total Recall” score is one of Jerry’s absolute masterpieces in my view. It is simultaneously complex in its structure, propulsively dynamic and compelling in the action “set piece” cues and emotionally exultant in its heartfelt moments.
    Throughout the score, Jerry displays his consummate mastery of compositional technique and structure, interweaving motives with full melodies effortlessly to enhance the visuals and the narrative story line and using the concepts of both augmentation and diminution on all motives and melodies to underpin emotional content and/or heighten dramatic tension in the action-adventure/pursuit/fight sequences. Jerry’s characteristic use of odd-meter time signatures is on ample display here (I was surprised to see how he actually “barred” certain passages in the odd meter sections) as is his always excellent meld of established idiomatic orchestration “norms” with synthesizer/non-traditional instruments experimentation and augmentation. Another Goldsmith signature or trademark compositional technique frequently employed here is the use of respectively distinct propulsive rhythmic ostinatos underneath longer-lined melodies or motives that soar over and are driven by the ostinatos. The cues “Clever Girl,” “The Big Jump” and “The Massacre” are representative examples of this strategy and remain among my all-time favorite action-adventure cues in Jerry’s canon.
    Some time ago, I came to realize that the phrase “propulsive dynamism, great compassion and profound emotional exultation” might just suffice as only a brief summation or overview of Jerry’s staggeringly brilliant body of work. Per that assertion, propulsive dynamism in the “Total Recall” score is well-represented in the cues “The Dream (Main Title),” “Clever Girl,” “Swallow It,” “The Big Jump,” “The Hologram” and the complete “End of a Dream.” Great compassion is manifested in “Without Air” and “The Massacre.” The soaring finale cue “A New Life” is the very soul of profound emotional exultation. As I said earlier, the work is a masterpiece. Many thanks also to Danijel Legin, Timothy Rodier, Bill Withem and Kevin Kaska for all their combined efforts on this durably bound score book.

  6. Rojelio (verified owner)

    This book is absolutely glorious and surpassed my initial impressions. This score is massive and loaded with goodies. Only Jerry Goldsmith could write such a supreme score like this.

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