Jerry Goldsmith “Total Recall” Full Orchestral Score

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A classic from film composer Jerry Goldsmith. Total Recall is easily his most beloved scores, full of top-notch, energetic action music. The film’s futuristic setting and ground-breaking visuals are well-suited for Goldsmith’s trademark use of light electronics mixed with raw, orchestral intensity. This is a great addition to any composers’ collection. Featured is an in-depth analysis of the music; also included, along the top staff, are descriptions of dramatic changes in the scenes. 321 pages 9×12 inches. Paperbound, printed in U.S.A.

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1. Main Title (Orig. Ending)
2. Titles – Film Version
3. First Meeting
4. Secret Agent
5. The Implant
6. Where Am I?
7. Aftermath
8. Old Time’s Sake
9. Clever Girl
10. The Johnny Cab
11. Howdy Stranger
12. The Nose Job
13. The Spaceport
14. A New Face
15. The Mountain
16. Identification
17. Lies
18. Where Am I?
19. Swallow It
20. The Big Jump
21. Without Air
22. Remembering
23. The Mutant
24. The Massacre
25. Friends
26. The Treatment
27. The Reactor
28. The Hologram
29. End Of A Dream
30. A New Life
31. End Credits

2 reviews for Jerry Goldsmith “Total Recall” Full Orchestral Score

  1. Krystof Srebrakowski (verified owner)

    I am absolutely thrilled to finally have this magnificent orchestral score in an excellent, accurate and detailed print. By Jerry Goldsmith’s own admission, this is probably his best and most influential action film entry. Complex, challenging, melodically and harmonically ambiguous – it’s a treasure trove for any serious student and even a seasoned composer. Tim Rodier did fantastic work transcribing hand-written original score ! It includes every cue from the film, including the unused (omitted from the film) portion of “End Of A Dream”. Hands down ! It’s simply a must-have !

  2. David Coscina (verified owner)

    The care and detail that went into this release is unprecedented. The book quality is exceptional and the score is handsomely engraved, making it easy to study.

    Any Goldsmith enthusiast who would like insight into the master’s scoring practices and orchestration would do well to pick this up.

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