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Jerry Goldsmith “Star Trek: The Motion Picture” Full Orchestral Score

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473 pages. 9×12 inches. Paperbound, Printed in U.S.A.

Available worldwide.
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Star Trek is one of Goldsmith’s most stunning, most awe-inspiring, and thematically rich scores. Every one of the 473 pages of orchestration reveal a mind that was able to create engaging music that perfectly suits the film.

473 pages. 9×12 inches. Paperbound, Printed in U.S.A.

Available worldwide.

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1. Ilia’s Theme
2. Main Title
3. The Klingons
4. Total Logic
5. Floating Office
6. The Enterprise
7. Malfunction
8. Goodbye Klingon
9. Goodbye Epsilon Nine
10. Pre Launch
11. Leaving Drydock
12. Television Theme
13. Warp Point Eight
14. No Goodbyes
15. Spock’s Arrival
16. Star Trek TV Theme
17. Warp Point Nine
18. Meet V-Ger
19. The Cloud
20. V-Ger Flyover
21. The Force Field
22. Micro Exam
23. Games
24. Spock Walk
25. System Inoperable
26. Hidden Information
27. Inner Workings
28. V-Ger Speaks
29. Body Meld
30. A Good Start
31. End Titles
32. Preludium
33. Total Logic (Early Version)
34. The Enterprise (Early Version)
35. Pre Launch (Early Version)
36. Leaving Drydock (Early Version)
37. No Goodbyes (Early Version)
38. Spock’s Arrival (Early Version)
39. Micro Exam (Early Version)
40. Games (Early Version)
41. Inner Workings (Early Version)
42. Body Meld (Early Version)

5 reviews for Jerry Goldsmith “Star Trek: The Motion Picture” Full Orchestral Score

  1. ED BULLER (verified owner)

    The Sistine chapel of SCI-FI Film scores, this has it all. A huge Orchestra , Truckloads of SYNTHS and an ALIEN instrument called “THE BLASTER BEAM”. All beautiful notated by the Elves at OMNI. A massive undertaking this includes everything that was in the film and many Outtakes and Alternatives. This was a trial for Jerry as much of the first recording was rejected and he struggled to find the Tone but in the end he delivered what many regard as his Finest work. In essence it’s a Love story and the “Ilia” theme becomes center stage whilst being supported and infused with the Darker music for the Prober V,ger. A must have score this sold out in the first few hours of going on sale….there is good reason…it’s THAT Special .

  2. fabio (verified owner)

    A Masterpiece by Jerry Goldsmith… a new masterpiece this book in fullscore with the complete movie’s OST and plus various “early versions” and analysis.
    Thanks Omni Publishing!

  3. Steve Parsons (verified owner)

    A score many of us never expected to see in print, this is probably one of the finest examples of film scoring at its best. Featuring a now-legendary primary theme and a perhaps even more legendary story of the struggles in getting the final result laid to tape, Jerry Goldsmith’s masterwork is a must-have for any film score composer, orchestrator, or fan of fantastic music.
    Omni’s usual microscopic attention to detail and editing is even more outdone here by a publication that clearly shows the love for the music and craft, and features a huge appendix of original score cues that were replaced for the film. Very few scores give this level of insight into the Hollywood filmmaking process, particularly not on this scale and with an inventive, Oscar-winning composer leading the way.
    With a steadily increasing library of impressive titles, Star Trek – The Motion Picture is truly Omni’s crown jewel!

  4. Jeroen van Luiken-Bakker (verified owner)

    Besides what is said hereabove, one can only hope more Star Trek scores are to follow. (Hint, hint: Star Tre VI is my favourite). Being an aspiring composer myself, this score helps me study the relation between screen and music and it gives an invaluable insight into orchestrational choices.

  5. Jonathan S. (verified owner)

    By far my absolute favorite movie score. I’ve loved this soundtrack since I was a child. This score gives a unique insight into perhaps the most innovative film and TV composer of the last fifty years.

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