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James Horner’s “The Mask of Zorro” Full Orchestral Score

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In the wake of Titanic, Horner delivered one of the flashiest scores of his career. The unique combination of flamenco guitars with swashbuckling brass echoes the works of Korngold, Steiner, and Rosza. Horner leaves no stone unturned by incorporating all of his orchestral flair with the music of the Iberian peninsula. The themes, orchestration, and rhythmic intensity all create a score full of elegant style and intelligence. This is a must-have for every serious student of the medium, as the film worked to every strength Horner had as a composer, and his talents are on full display in this often over-looked masterpiece

319 pages, 9X12 inches. Paperbound, printed in U.S.A

Available Worldwide
Note: Please check with your country for import/duty tax before ordering. This charge will be in addition to the book cost and shipping cost and varies by country.

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1. Zorro Open
2. The Plaza of Execution
3. Elena and Esperanza
4. Don’t Touch My Brother
5. Interrupted Getaway
6. Joaquin’s Death
7. Meeting on the Beach
8. Prison Escape
9. The Hand
10. Trumpet and Drum Fanfare
11. Emotions Torn
12. Diego Meets Alejandro
13. The Medallion
14. The Master’s Wheel
15. The Fencing Lesson
16. Lesson #3
17. The Black Tornado
18. First Meeting
19. Tornado in the Barracks
20. The Confession (ALBUM)
21. The Confession (FILM)
22. Rooftop Getawa
23. Choose Your Weapon
24. Diego in the Study
25. Dance
26. Montero’s Vision
27. Jack’s Demise
28. Love’s Suspicions
29. So Long Ago…
30. Sick Souvenirs
31. An Unknown Past
32. Stealing the Map
33. Alejandro and Elena’s Duel
34. The Ride
35. Alejandro’s Plea
36. The Truth
37. Battle at the Mine
38. The Revenge
39. Diego’s Goodbye
40. End Credits Pt. 2 / Zorro’s Theme
41. Love Theme

1 review for James Horner’s “The Mask of Zorro” Full Orchestral Score

  1. Abdulrahman (verified owner)

    First, I would like to say this is my first time purchasing a music book from your website. I’ve been visiting your website from time to time hoping to see a title that I am interested in. All of the positive reviews I saw so far made me very excited to buy something from you.
    At long last after years of waiting, the movie that I am most interested in is finally out! This is like a Dream-Come-True thing for me. It’s too good to be true. I’ve asked endlessly for someone to work on Zorro but I always felt there was a small chance for it to be released.
    Omni Music Publishing created perhaps one of the most beautiful music books I’ve ever seen. The engraving is just top-level. Everything is solid, clear and precise. As someone who uses a notation software, I just can’t imagine the amount of work that was put into creating these music sheets. It must have taken them months and months just to prepare this astonishing and crystal-clear writing.
    Truly, this book is like a rare jewel! The amount of passion and effort is very obvious from the first page you read. Not only will you get the music sheets inside, but also the score analysis, themes analysis and scene-by-scene action written as you read the sheets.
    As for James Horner’s score itself, I don’t think I need to say much. Perhaps, the only word I could think of is “MasterClass”. Yes, this is indeed a masterclass in orchestration! No film score out there comes close to Zorro’s. This unique combination of massive orchestral ensembles with some Spanish percussions is just something else. I’ve always wondered as I’m listening to the score how James managed to create those intense and hair-raising guitar chords. Now I see that he used an ensemble of six players in addition to dancers to give it that percussive and rhythmic hits. Let us also not forget those soaring, elegant and sensational melodies accompanied by a beautiful harp arpeggios.
    Honestly, I could go on forever writing my review and I still wouldn’t do it justice. Thank you so much, Omni Music Publishing. I hope to see ‘The Legend of Zorro’ in the near future. Bravo!

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