James Horner “Willow” Full Orchestral Score


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A classic from revered film composer James Horner. Willow is a tour de force in how to write swashbuckling music. It has everything: adventure, fantasy, romance, sorcery. Horner really knew how to capture the flavor of a world through music. This is a great addition to any composer’s collection. Featured is an in-depth analysis of the music; also included, along the top staff, are descriptions of dramatic changes in the scenes.

352 pages, 9×12 inches. Paperbound, printed in U.S.A.

Available worldwide, except Europe


1. Elora’s Birth/Titles
2. Village Attack
3. Saying Goodbye
4. Bavmorda & Kael
5. Search/Travel Montage
6. Crossroads
7. The Brownies
8. Escape From The Tavern
9. Bavmorda Slaps Kael
10. The Island
11. Sorsha Arrives
12. The Trek
13. Snowy Escape
14. Canyon Of Mazes
15. Tir Asleen Battle Pt. 1
16. Tir Asleen Battle Pt. 2
17. Spell/Raziel Transforms
18. Nockmaar Battle
19. Bavmorda’s Death
20. Willow Returns
21. End Credits Pt. 1
22. End Credits Pt. 2


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