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Horner’s “Star Trek II” Full Orchestral Score

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Without using any of Goldsmith’s themes or motives from the first picture, Horner was still able to mimic his style perfectly, while simultaneously preserving his own unique voice as a composer. The results are a powerful statement from a man who was one year away from turning thirty.

259 pages, 9X12 inches. Paperbound, printed in U.S.A

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1. Main Title
2. The Reliant
3. Surprise on Ceti Alpha Five
4. Khan’s Pets
5. The Eels of Ceti Alpha Five
6. Kirk In Space Shuttle
7. Enterprise Clears Moorings
8. Chekov Lies
9. Spock
10. Kirk Takes Command
11. He Tasks Me
12. Reliant’s Surprise Attack
13. Kirk’s Explosive Reply
14. Inside Regula One
15. Brainwashed
16. Captain Terrell’s Death
17. Buried Alive
18. The Genesis Cave
19. Battle in the Mutara Nebula
20. Enterprise Attacks Reliant
21. Genesis Countdown
22. Spock (Dies)
23. Bagpipe
24. Amazing Grace
25. Epilogue
26. Epilogue (Alt)
27. End Credits

1 review for Horner’s “Star Trek II” Full Orchestral Score

  1. Mark Diischer

    It has been my DREAM to hold this score in my hands since I was a kid.

    This thing is AN absolute gem: Top Tier printing, immaculate printing. Not just a “project” but a perfectly manicured and detailed score! (The only thing I might like to see in the store is a transposed score, as that’s how I’m used to reading scores, in general)

    This is Horner’s masterpiece, in my opinion, and it is fantastic to finally have this in my hands. A must have for those studying film scoring.

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