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Elmer Bernstein “Ghostbusters” Full Orchestral Score

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Ghostbusters is a movie filled with charm: the story, the characters, and least of all, the music! Elmer Bernstein leads the audience through a maze of zany events with music that perfectly suits the irreverent comedy, the tender love story, and the supernatural danger that is brewing through the film until its bizarre conclusion, complete with a 100-foot tall marshmallow monster!

224 pages, 9×12 inches. Paperbound, printed in U.S.A.

Available worldwide.

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1. The Library
2. Venkman
3. Walk
4. Hello
5. Walk
6. Get Her! (Rev.)
7. Get Her!
8. The Dean
9. The Plan
10. Taken
11. Fridge
12. Sign
13. Client
14. Apartment
15. Madly
16. Got One!
17. Got One! (Rev.)
18. Maid
19. Halls
20. Teresina
21. Shot
22. Flash
23. Trap
24. Dana & Peter
25. Respect
26. Cross Rip
27. Attack
28. Chased By A Bear
29. Tavern Source
30. Peter Arrives
31. Zuul
32. Phone Call
33. Revelation
34. Walter Peck Arrives
35. Mistake
36. Keymaster Meets Gatekeeper
37. The Portal Opens
38. Earthquake
39. Let’s Go
40. The Stairs
41. To The Roof
42. Attacking Zuul (Film Version)
43. Attacking Zuul (Album Version)
44. Fatso
45. Stay Puft Marshmallow Man
46. Crossing The Streams
47. Dana Returns
48. End Title

2 reviews for Elmer Bernstein “Ghostbusters” Full Orchestral Score

  1. Mike Dorin (verified owner)

    Very nicely transcribed. All of the cues from the movie and even ones that were cut due to the soundtrack.


    Elmer Bernstein was a fantastic choice for this film. As a veteran composer he was well versed in the musical style needed for this sort of spooky fantasy . Yet also a master of comedy too! having done Airplane . Yet like his earlier approach to “An American Werewolf in London , he stayed in character throughout and milked the scary rather than the comedy. The scenes with Zuul and Gozar are full of clever harmonic tricks and subtle spooky orchestrations that will benefit anyone who pores over and digest them…and let’s face it….steal them !

    Buy it


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