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Don Davis “The Matrix, 2nd Edition” Full Orchestral Score

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Omni Music Publishing releases another classic film score! Be the first to own The Matrix, which contains all 41 music cues from the movie, many of which were personally reviewed by the composer for content that was changed during the recording session. Also included is a comprehensive analysis which explores different motives and compositional techniques. Musicians can now study this extraordinary film score in a handsomely bound book, expertly engraved and edited from various sources.

329 pages. 9×12 inches. Paperbound, printed in U.S.A.

Available worldwide

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Dimensions9 × 12 × 1 in


1. Logos/Main Title
2. Trinity Infinity
2. Neo Con Brio
4. Follow The White Rabbit
5. Neo On The Edge
6.Through The Surveillance Monitor
7. Unable To Speak
8. Bait And Switch
9. Switched For Life
10. Switched At Birth
11. Switches Brew
12. Coldhearted Switch
13. Nascent Nauseous Neo
14. A Morpheus Moment
15. Bow Whisk Orchestra
16. Domo Showdown
17. Switch Or Break Show
18. Shake, Borrow, Switch
19. Switch Works Her Boa
20. Bring Me Dinner
21. The System
22. Freeze Face
23. Switch Woks Her Boar
24. Cypher Cybernetic
25. Ignorance Is Bliss
26. Cyber Cyphernetic
27. See Who?
28. Switch Out
29. Boon Spoy
30. Oracle Cookies
31. Threat Mix
32. Exit Mr. Hat
33. On You Knees, Switch
34. Mix The Art
35. Whoa, Switch Brokers
36. The Cure
37. It’s The Smell
38. No More Spoons
39. Dodge This
40. Fast Learning
41. Ontological Shock
42. That’s Gotta Hurt
43. Surprise!
44. He’s The One Alright

2 reviews for Don Davis “The Matrix, 2nd Edition” Full Orchestral Score

  1. Lukas (verified owner)

    I’m absolutely thrilled!!!
    Everything looks fine! The score is very well engraved and it really delights you to read the score in sync with the film.
    Great job, Omni Music Publishing!
    It is a great opportunity to study this gorgeous score of Don Davis in depth.
    I will recommend Omni Music Publishing to all film composers and those interested in film music.

  2. Rojelio (verified owner)

    Had to grab The Matrix score and it’s worth its weight in gold. I have The Matrix cd complete score from Varese which helps instead of popping in a blu ray. Don Davis is just insanely brilliant and it’s nice to follow along with trusty notation.

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