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Danny Elfman “Batman” Full Orchestral Score

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Another classic from Elfman! This score has been expertly engraved and handsomely bound. Contents include all 51 music cues from the film, several of which were written but never included in the final cut. Also included are a contents page, instrumentation list, and an exclusive interview with the composer about different aspects of this particular film-scoring process. A new feature is a short description along the top staff of key moments in the scene, which details how the music captures the drama of the film.

364 pages. 9×12 inches. Paperbound, printed in U.S.A.

Available worldwide

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Dimensions9 × 12 × 1 in


1. Titles
2. Family/1st Bat
3. Roof Fight
4. Jack Vs. Ekhardt
5. Up Building
6. Card Snap
7. Batzone
8. Axis Setup
9. Shootout
10. Kitchen Transition
11. Kitchen Dinner
12. Surgery
13. Stair Kiss
14. Faceoff
15. Beddy Bye
16. Morning After
17. Board Meeting
18. Roasted Dude
19. Vicki Spies
20. Clown Attack
21. Bruce Contemplates/Photos
22. Men At Work
23. T.V. News Theme
24. Joker’s Commercial
25. Paper Spin
26. Alicia’s Mask
27. Vicki Gets A Gift
28. Alicia’s Unmasking
29. Resuce
30. Batmobile Chase
31. Street Fight
32. Vicki Hides Film
33. Descent Into Mystery
34. Batcave
35. Paper Throw
36. The Truth
37. Joker’s Poem
38. Sad Pictures
39. “…Or Their Sons”
40. Challenge/Dream
41. Tender Batcave
42. Batsuit/Charge Of The Batmobile
43. Joker Flies To Gotham
44. Batwing I
45. Batwing II
46. Cathedral Chase
47. Waltz
48. Showdown I
49. Showdown II
50. Finale
51. End Credits

6 reviews for Danny Elfman “Batman” Full Orchestral Score

  1. Tim Hare

    Having this score is a dream come true for me. It is beautifully laid out, easy to digest, and full of incredible cinematic musical moments. It is a prized possession on my book shelf!

  2. Ryan Weaver

    Magic!!! I am a huge connoisseur of music and especially love film scores. Danny Elfman’s Batman has always been one of my favorite orchestral works of all time, and upon receiving the score, there is obviously lots of juicy stuff to dive into. I could have said that before I even received it because I knew. I do not use the term often because I reserve it for scores that are just exactly that… pure magic! Thank you to Omni Music Publishing for making peoples’ dreams come true with the scores they have always wanted, and thank you to Danny Elfman for deciding to make a career change after the first time you heard your music performed live! Way to go!

  3. Alex Hoffman

    This is Elfman at his finest and I’m glad to have a copy of one of the best superhero scores! This release is beautifully engraved and is jam packed with great music. I could spend hours pouring over this score because there’s so much great writing there. Batman fans, film score enthusiasts, and anyone who loves exciting music should be sure to pick up a copy!


    Danny Elfman’s Score to BATMAN was a pivotal moment both for him and Hollywood scoring. To think we nearly had a soundtrack from Prince ! But instead we get this gothic masterpiece in the style of Old hollywood with plenty of nods to Bernard Herrmann and Franz Waxman thrown in. But in every note Danny’s unique style shines through. His demented Om Pah Pah rhythms and mad Arpegios are held together in symphonic splendour by Steve Bartek …with the considerable help of Shirley Walker and Scott Smalley . As with all the OMNI scores all the cues are presented with boxed text highlighting on screen action. This is really a TEXTBOOk on gothic fantasy scoring and you need to own it !

  5. Jack Zhu

    I can’t believe that Danny Elfman had no classical training before he scored Batman. Yes it borrows heavily from Bernard Herrmann’s score to Journey to the Centre of the Earth, but his manipulation of the orchestral textures and timbres is just as amazing as Herrmann. Apparently he had scored it all in Treble Clef which then Steve Bartek and Shirley Walker translated into a full orchestral sketch, however every note is by him, Bartek and Walker only translated it all into Bass and Alto clef.

    This score is terrific and undoubtably one of Danny Elfman’s greatest scores.

  6. Soundcloud to Mp3

    This full orchestral score of Danny Elfman’s Batman is truly a masterpiece! The way Elfman expertly captures the dark and brooding essence of Gotham City through his music is absolutely phenomenal. The orchestra’s performance is impeccable, bringing the soundtrack to life and perfectly enhancing the thrilling and suspenseful moments of the film. As a fan of Batman and Elfman’s work, I couldn’t be happier with this score. It’s a must-have for any music lover and a remarkable addition to any collection. Bravo, Danny Elfman! Bella Montgomery. https://soundcloudtomp3downloader.net/

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