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Bruce Broughton “Silverado” Full Orchestral Score

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Bruce Broughton created a great score for Silverado. The themes were so brilliant that they even showed up on network TV to accompany sporting events! This score has been expertly engraved from the original hand-written manuscript and carefully edited from the recording. Featured are detailed analyses of the major themes and motives; also included, along the top staff, are descriptions of important dramatic moments of the scenes.

252 pages. 9×12 inches. Paperbound, printed in U.S.A.

Note: Actual book cover has original poster art, not available for Internet use.

Available worldwide (in the Buy Now section)

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1. Main Title
2. Paden’s Horse
3. Tyree & Turley
4. That Ain’t Right
5. Paden’s Hat
6. The Getaway Pt. I
7. The Getaway Pt. II
8. Riding As One
9. Den Of Thieves
10. Strongbox Rescue
11. On To Silverado
12. McKendrick’s Men
13. Ezra’s Death
14. An Understanding Boss
15. Party Crashers
16. Tyree And Paden
17. McKendrick’s Brand
18. You’re Empty, Mister
19. Emmett’s Rescue
20. Behind The Church
21. Augie Is Taken
22. Worried About The Dog
23. Prelude To A Battle
24. McKendrick Waits
25. The Stampede
26. Finishing At McKendrick’s
27. Hide And Watch
28. Jake’s Challenge
29. Jake Gets Tyree
30. …Then Slick, Then McKendrick
31. Goodbye, Cobb
32. End Credits (“We’ll Be Back”)

1 review for Bruce Broughton “Silverado” Full Orchestral Score

  1. Grant

    Worth every penny! The score is simply beautiful and a pleasure to read.

    Bruce Broughton is a composer’s composer. Melodic sensibility, harmonic interest, and masterful orchestration–his music has it all.

    Would LOVE to buy his score for Young Sherlock Holmes … hint, hint 🙂

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