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Bram Stoker’s “Dracula” Full Orchestral Score

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Kilar’s music breathes life into Coppola’s nuanced story of the undead prince. It runs the gamut of vengeance, desire, horror, and obsession. Because Coppola’s production was grand and operatic, Kilar’s music follows suit, with many dramatic themes.

241 pages, 9X12 inches. Paperbound, printed in U.S.A

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1. The Beginning
2. The Beginning (Cont’d)
3. The Book
4. The Journey
5. The Castle
6. The Fatal Step
7. The Legacy
8. Mina’s Photo (Spilled Ink)
9. The Party
10. Dracula’s Shadow
11. The Brides
12. To the Brides
13. The Storm
14. First Look (The Letter I)
15. Love Remembered (Alt.)
16. Lucy’s Neck
17. The Cinema
18. Dracula Travels Part 1 (Lucy’s Window)
19. Rules Cafe Waltz (Album Version
20. Mina/Dracula (Rules Cafe)
21. Lucy Squirms (Alt.)
22. First Look Ver. I Alt. (The Letter II)
23. The Hunt Builds
24. Dracula Revealed
25. Lucy’s Lullaby – Vocal & Harp
26. The Stake
27. The Hunter’s Prelude (Vampire Hunters)
28. The Hunter’s Prelude
29. The Green Mist
30. Mina/Dracula (Orig. Ext. End)
31. First Look Alt. Ver. 1 (The Fire)
32. The Train
33. So Cold
34. Mina Possessed
35. Lucy’s Screech (Ring of Fire)
36. Race Against the Sunset
37. Love Eternal (Love Remembered)
38. The End
39. End Credits
40. Dracula’s Shadow Alt. (The Book)
41. To the Brides Alt. 1
42. Lucy Squirms (Orig.)
43. Rules Cafe Waltz (The Letter II Alt.)
44. Lucy’s Screech (The Stake Alt.)
45. Love Remembered (Orig.)
46. First Look Alt. Ver. 2 (The Letter II Alt.)
47. The Brides Alt. (So Cold Alt.)
48. Race Against the Sunset Alt.
49. Toolbox D18 A, B, C
50. Dracula Toolbox – Tears to Diamonds
51. To the Brides Alt. 2
52. From the Brides
53. Saving Lucy
54. Rules Cafe Waltz – Original Version
55. Remembering

1 review for Bram Stoker’s “Dracula” Full Orchestral Score

  1. Curtis A (verified owner)

    It’s incredible to see this! Coppola’s take on Dracula has quickly become one of my very favorite movies, and Kilar’s score is truly what ties it together. Seeing his pseudo-minimalist writing for ‘maximalist’ orchestra and chorus really is illuminating.

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