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Bernard Herrmann’s “North By Northwest” Full Orchestral Score

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North By Northwest is a hyperkinetic espionage film with a charismatic lead, Cary Grant. Sandwiched among Hitchock’s so-called trilogy of voyeurism films (Rear Window (1954), Vertigo (1958), and Psycho (1960), this film was a light-hearted departure from the heavy tone of those films. Bernard Herrmann used an inventive fandango to accompany the various locations; the streets of New York and Chicago, the lobby of the Plaza Hotel, inside Grand Central Station, and Mount Rushmore.

211 pages, 9×12 inches. Paperbound, printed in U.S.A.

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1. Overture
2. The Streets
3. Kidnapped
4. The Door
5. “Cheers”
6. The Wild Ride
7. Car Crash
8. The Return
9.Two Dollars
10. The Elevator
11. The U.N.
12. Information Desk
13. The Knife
14. Interlude
15. Detectives
16. Conversation Piece
17. Duo
18. The Station
19. The Phone Booth
20. Farewell
21. The Highway
22. The Crash
23. Hotel Lobby
24. The Reunion
25. Goodbye
26. The Question
27. The Pad & Pencil
28. The Auction
29. The Police
30. The Airport
31. The Cafeteria
32. The Shooting
33. The Forest
34. Flight
35. The Ledge
36. The House
37. The Balcony
38. The Match Box
39. The Message
40. The TV
41. The Airplane
42. The Gates
43. The Stone Faces
44. The Ridge
45. On The Rocks
46. The Cliff
47. Finale

5 reviews for Bernard Herrmann’s “North By Northwest” Full Orchestral Score

  1. Greg Stevens

    Great to find full film score. I can only hope that this is the start of a series! How about THE EGYPTIAN, VERTIGO, others?

  2. Heather Haze (verified owner)

    This was my first purchase from Omni Music Publishing. The quality of this publication exceeded my expectations. The binding is sturdy and the print clear and legible. The score is complete; every piece of music from the film is here. A detailed table of contents makes finding a piece within the score easy. Finally, the brief analysis of the score at the beginning is a nice bonus. This is an invaluable resource and a treasured addition to my library. I’m looking forward to collecting more scores from Omni Music Publishing.

  3. Bill

    Amazing score from the greatest film composer. Would love to have a score of Vertigo!

  4. Alex Hoffman (verified owner)

    This is a beautiful engraving of a classic score! The in-depth analysis of each cue is a great resource for anyone who wants to understand the genius of Herrmann’s music. It’s also nice to have the unused cues and sections of cues that were cut out of the film to see the composers original intent. I’d recommend this to anyone who loves film music!

  5. ED BULLER (verified owner)

    Written in 6 weeks at the kitchen table at his home at Bluebell Avenue , LOS ANGELES, with the kids making a racket and life all around him ! Benny knocked out one of his finest scores . Beautifully presented in a solid binding this is a must have for any lover of film music. Packed with relentless energy and spanish rhythms it carries poor old Roger Thornhill , rudley kidnapped while drinking a Martini at the oak bar , all the way to South Dakota. Ignoring the instructions of the studio to write something “Like Gershwin” Benny used a FANDANGO to dance across the mid west.



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