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Alan Menken’s “Tangled” Full Orchestral Score

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With five songs and an orchestra bolstered with a heavy dose of choir, Alan Menken musically narrates the fable of Rapunzel. The results are a classic score that stands on equal ground with the best of his 90s output for Disney. Find out how Menken captured that magic by purchasing Tangled today.

378 pages, 9X12 inches. Paperbound, printed in U.S.A

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1. Prologue
2. When Will My Life Begin
3. Stealing the Crown
4. Let Down Your Hair
5. Look in That Mirror
6. It’s My Birthday
7. Mother Knows Best
8. Wanted
9. Men with Pointy Teeth
10. Person in My Closet
11. Mother’s Back
12. Gothel Leaves Again
13. Fit to Be Tied
14. The Name’s Flynn Rider
15. The Lantern Thing
16. Song Intro
17. When Will My Life Begin (Reprise 2)
18. A New Life
19. Break Her Heart
20. Scary Bunny
21. Horse with No Rider
22. Snuggly Duckling
23. I’ve Got a Dream
24. Escape Route
25. Cavern Chase
26. Water Rising
27. Gothel Meets Stabbingtons
28. Incantation/Healing
29. Campfire
30. Mother Knows Best Reprise
31. Left with The Crown
32. Horseplay
33. To the Kingdom
34. Kingdom Dance
35. Waiting for The Lights
36. I See the Light
37. Kiss Interrupted
38. Stabbingtons Deceive Rapunzel
39. Return to Mother
40. Realization and Escape
41. Let Me Save Him
42. The Tear Heals
43. Kingdom Celebration

2 reviews for Alan Menken’s “Tangled” Full Orchestral Score

  1. Ryan (verified owner)

    For fans who’ve longed to own a printed orchestral Disney score, especially one by Alan Menken, this is a long awaited treasure! The level of detail in this book is unreal. I love the score analysis section with a breakdown of each cue. It adds a rich context and insight into Menken’s approach. This book can be appreciated by those of all music-reading ability levels, thanks to the markings at the top of the page which let you know what’s happening on screen.

  2. Caleb Nelson

    It is so helpful to be able to study in detail an Alan Menken score. He is a composer with a very different background than many of the more talked about composers who have written film scores. Interestingly, he has also received more Academy Awards for his original music than any other composer.

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