Glory (1989)

Book Origins

Released December 7, 2020

Around Memorial Day in 2020, my wife and I watched Glory. I was already intimately aware of this film and its score. I did a complete analysis in a film scoring class in college. But viewing the film and listening to the score now, with a more mature perspective, inspired the idea of releasing it. I actually got the license in late June, around the same time as the license to “How To Train Your Dragon” was approved. So, in order to meet the October deadline of the “How To Train Your Dragon” combined release of soundtrack and score, I tasked a good friend, Glynn Davies, with handling all the note entry so the files would be ready. Since the Powell score was completely finished in September, I was able to finesse the layout throughout October and early November. By pure coincidence, my good friend, Dan Redfeld, asked me to join his online Horner tribute, not even knowing I was planning to release Glory. I offered to share a cue (Preparations For Battle) from the then up-coming release on September 26th. To prepare, Dan and I thoroughly delved deep into the psychological aspect of Horner’s approach to this particular film. It became very apparent to us that the music he wrote for Glory was the benchmark for many of his scores throughout the 90s.