Dracula (1992)

Book Origins

I had somehow acquired the manuscripts of Dracula while working at Universal. I have always loved this film and its music. It was always on my radar. What prevented me from publishing it was its soundtrack. I tend to pick books that have complete soundtracks.

Without an expanded soundtrack for Dracula, it would be a confusing book to read. The manuscripts barely fit the existing soundtrack, let alone the film. It was disorganized and confusing. LaLa Land releasing their expanded CD in 2018 put the possibility back on the table.

It was just a matter of time until a gap in Omni’s release schedule allowed me to release this excellent score.

About Dracula

Kilar’s music breathes life into Coppola’s nuanced story of the undead prince. It runs the gamut of vengeance, desire, horror, and obsession. Because Coppola’s production was grand and operatic, Kilar’s music follows suit, with many dramatic themes. 

241 pages, 9X12 inches. Paperbound, printed in U.S.A

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